Excel Fundamentals

Understand the Excel Screen
Understand the Excel Screen

Create Workbooks
How to create blank & template-based workbooks in Excel

Navigate Worksheets
How to Navigate Worksheets in Excel

Open Workbooks
How to Open Workbooks in Excel

Save Workbooks
How to Save Workbooks in Excel

How to AutoRecover Excel Files

The Quick Access Toolbar
How to Use The Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

How to Print in Excel

Edit a Workbook

Select Cells and Ranges
How to Select Cells and Ranges in Excel

Cut, Copy, and Paste
How to Cut, Copy, and Paste in Excel

Undo, Redo, Repeat
How to Use Undo, Redo, Repeat Commands in Excel

More Pasting Options
How to Use Special Paste Options in Excel

Insert and Move Cells
How to Insert and Move Cells in Excel

Delete Cells
How to Delete Cells in Excel

Check Spelling
Learn how you use Excel's spell check to proof your worksheets for spelling errors.

Find and Replace Text
How to Use Find and Replace in Excel

Hide Columns and Rows
How to Hide Columns and Rows in Excel

Basic Formulas

Formula Basics
How to Create Basic Formulas in Excel

How to Use AutoFill in Excel

Sums and Averages
How to Use Sum and Average Formulas in Excel

How to Use MIN and MAX Functions in Microsoft Excel

How to Use the COUNT Function in Excel

Basic Formatting

Format Text
How to Apply Formatting to Text in Excel

Align and Merge Cells
To merge cells in Excel, select the cells you want to merge, click the Merge list arrow and select a merge option.

Format Numbers and Dates
How to Format Numbers and Dates in Excel

Borders and Background Colors
How to Add Cell Borders and Background Colors in Excel

Copy Formatting
How to Copy Formatting in Excel

Row Heights and Column Widths
How to Adjust Row Heights and Column Widths in Excel

Insert Objects

How to Insert Images in Excel

How to Insert Hyperlinks in Excel

Manage Worksheets

View Worksheets
How to Change Worksheet Views in Excel

Move and Copy Worksheets
How to Move and Copy Worksheets in Excel

Insert, Rename, and Delete Worksheets
How to Insert, Rename, and Delete Worksheets in Excel

Freeze Rows and Columns
How to Freeze and Unfreeze Rows and Columns in Excel

Hide Worksheets and Gridlines
How to Hide Worksheets and Gridlines in Excel


Move and Resize
How to Move and Resize a Chart in Excel

Chart Types
How to Change Chart Types in Excel

Layout and Style
How to Apply Chart Layouts and Styles in Excel

Titles and Legends
How to Customize Chart Titles and Legends in Excel

Gridlines, Labels, and Data Tables
How to Display Chart Gridlines, Labels, and Data Tables in Excel

Chart Elements
How to Format Chart Data in Excel

Modify Chart Data
How to Modify Chart Data in Excel

How to Add Trendlines in Excel

Dual-Axis Charts
How to Create Dual-Axis Charts in Excel

Chart Templates
How to Create Chart Templates in Excel

How to Add Sparklines in Excel

Print and Distribute

Page Size and Scale
How to Adjust Page Size and Scale in Excel

Print Area and Page Breaks
How to Set Print Area and Page Breaks in Excel

Print Titles, Gridlines, and Headings
How to Print Titles, Gridlines, and Headings in Excel

Headers and Footers
How to Add Headers and Footers in Excel

Intermediate Formulas

Reference External Worksheets
How to Reference External Worksheets in Excel

Absolute and Relative References
How to use Absolute and Relative Cell References in Excel

Order of Operations
Order of Operations in Excel

Cell and Range Names
How to Add Cell and Range Names in Excel

Insert Functions
How to Insert Functions in Excel

CONCAT Function
How to use the Concatenate Text Function in Excel

PMT and NPER Functions
How to Use the PMT Function in Excel

Display Formulas
How to Display Formulas in Excel

Date Formulas
How to Use Date Formulas in Excel

Manage Data

Quick Analysis
The Quick Analysis tool helps you quickly format your data into a chart, table, or sparkline.

Outline and Subtotal
How to Use the Outline and Subtotal Features in Excel

Data Validation
How to Use Data Validation Rules in Excel

Flash Fill
How to Use Flash Fill in Excel

Import and Export Data
How to Import and Export Excel Data


Insert a Table
How to Insert a Table in Excel

Sort Data
How to Sort Data in Excel

Filter Data
How to Filter Data in Excel

Remove Duplicates
How to Remove Duplicates in Excel

How to Use Slicers in Excel

Structured References
How to Use Structured References in Excel

Intermediate Formatting

Apply Conditional Formatting
How to Apply Conditional Formatting in Excel


Cell Comments
How to Add, Edit, and Delete Cell Comments in Excel

Share Workbooks
How to Share Workbooks in Excel

Version History
How to Use Version History in Excel

Protect a Worksheet
How to Protect a Worksheet in Excel

Protect Workbook Structure
How to Protect a Workbook's Structure in Excel

Password Protection
How to Add Password Protection in Excel


Create PivotTables
How to Create PivotTables in Excel

Add Multiple PivotTable Fields
How to Add Multiple PivotTable Fields to a PivotTable in Excel

Add Calculated Fields
How to Add and Remove Calculated Fields in Excel PivotTables

How to Use the GETPIVOTDATA Function in Excel

Filter PivotTables
How to Filter PivotTables in Excel

Group Values
How to Group Values in Excel

Refresh a PivotTable
How to Refresh a PivotTable in Excel

Format a PivotTable
How to Format a PivotTable in Excel


Create PivotCharts
How to Create PivotCharts in Excel

Troubleshoot Formulas

Formula Errors
How to Fix Formula Errors in Excel

The Watch Window
How to The Watch Window in Excel

Evaluate Formulas
How to Evaluate Formulas in Excel

Advanced Formatting

Customize Conditional Formatting
How to Customize Conditional Formatting in Excel

Conditional Formatting with Formulas
How to Use Conditional Formatting with Formulas in Excel

International Currency and Formats
How to Use International Currency and Formats in Excel

Color Formats
How to Create and Apply Color Schemes in Excel

Custom Themes
How to Create and Apply Custom Themes in Excel

Form Controls
How to Form Controls in Excel

Advanced Formulas

IF Function
How to Use the IF Function in Excel

Nested Functions
How to Insert Nested Functions in Excel

AND, OR, and NOT Functions
How to use AND, OR, and NOT Functions in Excel

How to Use SUMIF, AVERAGEIF, and COUNTIF Functions in Excel

How to Use the VLOOKUP Function in Excel

How to Use HLOOKUP in Excel

How to Use the INDEX and MATCH Functions in Excel

How to Use UPPER, LOWER, and PROPER Functions in Excel

How to Use RIGHT, LEFT, and MID Functions in Excel

Formula Calculation Options
How to Change Formula Calculation Options in Excel

Analyze Data

Goal Seek
How to use Goal Seek feature in Excel

Scenario Manager
How Use to Scenario Manager in Excel

Consolidate Data
How to Consolidate Data in Excel


Enable Macros
How to Enable Macros in Excel

Create Macros
How to Create Macros in Excel

Modify Macros
How to Modify Macros in Excel