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Spell Check in Excel

Learn how you use Excel's spell check to proof your worksheets for spelling errors.

Spell Check in Excel

If you later decide you no longer need a group of cells, columns, or rows, you can delete them. Deleting a cell differs from clearing a cell’s content, as a “hole” is created by the deleted cell(s) and adjacent cells will move to fill that hole.

  1. Click the Review tab.
  2. Click the Spelling button.
    Check Spelling

    Press F7.

    The first spelling mistake appears, along with several recommendations of how to fix it.

  3. Select a Spelling and Grammar option:
    • Ignore Once: Ignore this instance of the misspelled word.
    • Ignore All: Ignore all instances of the misspelled word.
    • Change: Replace the misspelling with the selected word.
    • Change All: Replace all misspellings with the selected word.
    • Add to Dictionary: Add the word to the dictionary if you know a word is correct and you don't want it to come up in spell check in the future in any spreadsheets.
    • Cancel: Stop spell check.
    Check Spelling

Once Excel has finished checking a worksheet for spelling errors, a dialog box appears, saying the spelling check is complete.

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