PowerPoint Fundamentals

Understand the Screen
Understand the PowerPoint Interface

Create a New Presentation
How to Make a PowerPoint

Open a Presentation
How to Open a Presentation in PowerPoint

Save a Presentation
How to Save a PowerPoint Presentation

How to Recover an Unsaved PowerPoint

Navigate a Presentation
How to Navigate Directly to a Slide in PowerPoint

Change Views
How to Use Outline View in PowerPoint

How to Print PowerPoint Slides

The Quick Access Toolbar
How to Use the Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint

Share a Presentation
How to Share a PowerPoint

How to Use PowerPoint Help

Close and Exit
How to Close a PowerPoint Presentation

Work with Presentations

Add and Lay Out Slides
How to Change a Slide Layout in PowerPoint

Add Slides from External Sources
How to Combine PowerPoints

Cut, Copy, and Paste
How to Copy and Paste in PowerPoint

Undo and Redo
How to Undo in PowerPoint

Slide Notes
How to How to Print a PowerPoint with Notes

Resize the Window
How to Resize a PowerPoint Window

How to Insert a Comment in PowerPoint

Compare Presentations
How to Compare PowerPoint Presentations

Check Spelling
How to Spell Check in PowerPoint

Find and Replace
How to Find and Replace Text in PowerPoint

Set File Properties
How to Modify Document Properties in PowerPoint

Inspect and Protect
How to Password Protect a PowerPoint

Organize a Presentation

Outline View
How to Use Outline View in PowerPoint

How to Make Sections in PowerPoint

Slide Sorter View
How to Use Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint

Duplicate and Copy Slides
How to Copy a Slide in PowerPoint

Move and Hide Slides
How to Hide a Slide in PowerPoint

Deliver a Slideshow

Present a Slide Show
How to Start a Slideshow in PowerPoint

Slide Show Tools
How to Use PowerPoint's Laser Pointer

Presenter View
How to Use Presenter View in PowerPoint

Custom Slide Shows
How to Create a Custom Slide Show in PowerPoint

Convert Presentations to Video
How to Convert a PowerPoint to Video

Present Online
How to Present a PowerPoint Online

Formatting and Themes

How to Use Themes in PowerPoint

Format Text
How to Format Text in PowerPoint

Format Lists and Columns
How to Make Columns in PowerPoint

How to Add Hyperlinks in PowerPoint

Copy Formatting
How to Use the Format Painter in PowerPoint

Slide Background
How to the Format Slide Background in PowerPoint

Customize Themes
How to Customize PowerPoint Themes

Slide Size
How to Change Slide Size in PowerPoint

How to Create a PowerPoint Template


Insert Pictures
How to Add Pictures in PowerPoint

Insert Screenshots and Remove Backgrounds
How to Remove Picture Background in PowerPoint

Adjust Pictures
How to Compress Pictures in PowerPoint

Picture Styles
How to Use the Picture Format Painter in PowerPoint

Crop Pictures
How to Crop a Picture in PowerPoint


Text Boxes
How to Add a Text Box in PowerPoint

How to Add Shapes in PowerPoint

Edit Shapes
How to Merge Shapes in PowerPoint

Format Shapes
How to Use the Eyedropper in PowerPoint

How to Make WordArt in PowerPoint

Align Objects
How to Use Smart Guides in PowerPoint

Arrange Objects
How to Group Objects in PowerPoint

How to Add Icons in PowerPoint

How to Use Drawing Tools in PowerPoint

Insert SmartArt
How to Add SmartArt in PowerPoint

Format SmartArt
How to Format SmartArt in PowerPoint

Insert Charts
How to Add Charts in PowerPoint

Import Charts
How to Embed an Excel Chart in Powerpoint

Insert Tables
How to Insert Tables in PowerPoint

Import Tables
How to Import Tables in PowerPoint

Transitions and Animations

Slide Transitions
How to Add Transitions in PowerPoint

Apply Animations
How to Add Animations in PowerPoint

Modify Animations
How to Make Custom Animations in PowerPoint

Animation Timing
How to Set Animation Timing in PowerPoint

Copy Animations
How to Use Animation Painter in PowerPoint

How to Use Zoom in PowerPoint

Slide Masters

Slide Master View
How to Edit the Slide Master in PowerPoint

Work with Slide Layouts
How to Work with Slide Layouts in PowerPoint

How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint

Backgrounds and Master Graphics
How to Change the PowerPoint Background Image

Use Multiple Slide Masters
How to Use Multipe Slide Masters in PowerPoint

Manage Slide Masters
How to Manage Slide Masters in PowerPoint

Handout Master
How to Use the Handout Master in PowerPoint

Notes Master
How to Use the Notes Master in PowerPoint

Self-Run Presentations

Insert Videos
How to Insert Videos to PowerPoint Slides

Modify Videos
How to Modify Videos in PowerPoint

How to Add Audio to PowerPoint Slides

Action Buttons
How to Use Presenter Action Buttons in PowerPoint

Record and Narrate a Slide Show
How to Narrate a PowerPoint

Set Up a Slide Show
How to Set up a Slide Show in PowerPoint