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What you'll learn:

  • Chat with your colleagues, one-on-one or an entire team.
  • Join and collaborate in scheduled or ad-hoc voice and video meetings.
  • Manage in-meeting settings.
  • Record meetings to view at a later time.
Zoom Training Copy these free tutorials to use in your own lesson plans:
Using Zoom

Sign In and Out
How to Sign In and Out in Zoom

Join a Meeting
How to Join a Meeting in Zoom

Configure your Audio and Video
How to Configure your Audio and Video in Zoom

Host a Meeting
How to Host a Meeting in Zoom

Schedule a Meeting
How to Schedule a Meeting in Zoom

Sharing Your Screen
How to Sharing Your Screen in Zoom

Manage Meeting Attendees
How to Manage Meeting Attendees in Zoom

Send and Receive Messages
How to Send and Receive Messages in Zoom

Record a Meeting
How to Record a Meeting in Zoom