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What you'll learn:

  • Organize files and find what you need with folders, search, and filters
  • Upload and share files with a few individuals or your entire organization
  • Manage previous file versions and recover deleted files
  • Sync your OneDrive files with your computer and work offline
OneDrive Training Copy these free tutorials to use in your own lesson plans:
OneDrive for Business

ODfB Basics
How to Sign In and Navigate OneDrive

Create a New File
How to Create a New File in OneDrive

How to Create and Organize Folders in OneDrive

Open a File
How to Open a File in OneDrive

Upload Files
How to Upload Files to OneDrive

Save from Office
How to Save Office Files to OneDrive

Delete and Restore Files
How to Delete and Restore Files in OneDrive

How to Search in OneDrive

Share Files
How to Share Files in OneDrive

How to Create Groups in OneDrive

Version History
How to Use Version History in OneDrive

Sort and Filter
How to Sort and Filter in OneDrive

Sync With your Computer
How to Sync OneDrive Files to your Computer

How to Get Help in OneDrive