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Upload Files

How to Upload Files to OneDrive

Upload Files

In addition to creating new files in OneDrive for business, you can also upload existing ones.

Upload a Single File

  1. Click the Upload button.

    A menu appears that lets you choose whether you want to upload specific files or upload an entire folder.

  2. Select Files or Folder.
    Upload Files
  3. Navigate to and select a file, then click Open.
  4. Upload Files

The file is uploaded to the Documents library.

Upload Files with Drag and Drop

If you have multiple files to upload at once, it’s easier to drag and drop them into OneDrive for Business.

  1. Open File Explorer from the Windows taskbar.
  2. Select the desired files.
  3. Drag the files into the Documents library.
    Upload Files

Your files are all uploaded at the same time.