Word Fundamentals

Understand the Screen
Understand the Word Screen and Ribbon

Create New Documents
How to Create New Documents in Word

Open a File
How to Open a File in Word

Save a File
How to Save a File in Word

How to Recover a Document in Word

Navigate a Document
How to Navigate a Document in Word

View Documents
How to View Documents in Word

How to Print Word Documents

Share a Document
How to Share a Document in Word

The Quick Access Toolbar
How to Use the Quick Access Toolbar in Word

How to Access Help in Word

Document Properties
How to Set Document Properties in Word

Check Accessibility and Compatibility
How to Check Accessibility and Compatibility in Word

Close and Exit
How to Close and Exit Microsoft Word

Work With and Edit Text

Select and Edit Text
How to Select and Edit Text in Word

Cut, Copy, and Paste
How to Cut, Copy, and Paste in Word

Undo, Redo, and Repeat
How to Undo, Redo, and Repeat Actions in Word

Check Spelling and Grammar
How to Check Spelling and Grammar in Word

Word Count and Thesaurus
View Word Count and Access the Thesaurus in Word

Find and Replace Text
How to Find and Replace Text in Word

Insert Symbols
How to Insert Symbols in Word

Insert Text from Another File
How to Insert Text from Another File in Word

Use AutoCorrect
How to Use AutoCorrect in Word

Format Text and Paragraphs

Format Fonts
How to Format Fonts in Word

Create Lists
How to Create Lists in Word

Paragraph Alignment
How to Adjust Paragraph Alignment in Word

Borders and Shading
How to Add Borders and Shading in Word

Line and Paragraph Spacing
How to Adjust Line and Paragraph Spacing in Word

Copy Formatting
How to Copy Formatting in Word

Indent Paragraphs
Follow these simple steps to create a hanging indent in Word. In hanging indentation, a paragraph's first line remains against the left margin while the other lines are indented, like in a bibliography.

Tab Stops
How to Adjust Tab Stops in Word

Find and Replace Formatting
How to Find and Replace Formatting in Word

Format the Page

Adjust Margins
How to Adjust Margins in Word

Paper Size and Orientation
How to Change Paper Size and Page Orientation in Word

Headers and Footers
How to Add and Remove Headers and Footers in Word

Page Numbers
Add and Format Page Numbers in a Word Document

How to Format Columns in Word

Page Breaks
How to Add and Remove Page Breaks in Word

Page Background Elements
How to Add Watermarks and Page Color or Border in Word


Create Tables
How to Create Tables in Word

Convert Tables
How to Convert Tables in Word

Resize Rows and Columns
How to Resize Rows and Columns in Word

Table Styles and Alignment
How to Adjust Table Styles and Alignment in Word

Table Borders and Shading
How to Add Table Borders and Shading in Word

Position a Table
How to Position a Table in Word

Merge and Split Cells
How to Merge and Split Cells in Word

Sort a Table
How to Sort a Table in Word

Row Headers and Page Breaks
How to Repeat Table Row Headers and Adjust Page Breaks for Tables in Word


How to Insert and Crop Pictures in Word

Screenshots and Remove Background
How to Insert Screenshots and Remove Backgrounds from Images in Word

Text Boxes
How to Insert Text Boxes in Word

How to Insert Shapes in Word

How to Insert and Format Icons in Word

How to Create Drawings in Word

Add Descriptive Text
How to Add Descriptive Text to Images in Word

How to Insert and Format WordArt in Word

How to Insert and Edit Charts in Word

How to Insert SmartArt Diagrams in Word

Modify Objects
How to Modify Objects in Word

Position and Text Wrap
How to Position Images and Wrap Text in Word

Layer Objects
How to Layer Objects in Word

Flip and Rotate Objects
How to Flip and Rotate Objects in Word

Distribute and Align
How to Distribute and Align Images in Word

Group Objects
How to Group Objects in Word

Styles, Themes, and Templates

Apply and Modify Styles
How to Apply and Modify Styles in Word

How to Apply Themes in Word

How to Create and Use Templates in Word

Custom Themes and Style Sets
How to Create Custom Themes and Style Sets

Long Documents

How to Use Outline View in Word

Navigate Long Documents
How to Navigate Long Documents in Word

How Add to Bookmarks in Word

Pagination and Hyphenation Options
How to Set Pagination and Hyphenation Options in Word

How to Use Section Breaks in Word

Cross References
How to Add Cross References in Word

How to Add Links in Word

Table and Figure Captions
How to Add Table and Figure Captions in Word

Footnotes and Endnotes
How to Create Footnotes and Endnotes in Word

How to Create Citations and Bibliographies in Word

Table of Contents
How to Make a Table of Contents in Word

How to Create and Update an Index in Word

Collaborate with Word

Co-Author Documents
How to Co-Author Documents in Word

Highlight and Comment
How to Highlight and Comment in Word

Track and Review Revisions
How to Track and Review Revisions in Word

Compare Documents
How to Compare Documents in Word

Line Numbers
How to Add and Customize Line Numbers in Word

Protect Documents
How to Protect Documents in Word

Inspect a Document
How to Inspect a Document in Word

How to Build Forms in Word

Advanced Documents

Customize Word
How to Customize Word Options

Create and Use Building Blocks
How to Create and Use Building Blocks in Word

Create and Use Simple Macros
How to Create and Use Simple Macros in Word

Copy Styles and Macros Between Templates
How to Copy Styles and Macros Between Templates in Word

Advanced Find and Replace
How to Use Advanced Find and Replace in Word

Internationalization and Accessibility
Internationalization and Accessibility in Word

How to Add Fields in Word

Mailing Documents

Mail Merge
How to Use Mail Merge in Word

Print Labels
How to Print Labels in Word

Print Envelopes
How to Print Envelopes in Word