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Word Hyphenation

How to Set Pagination and Hyphenation Options in Word

Word Hyphenation

When you have a long enough document, chances are that paragraphs will end up split between pages. You can control how this happens to ensure your document is easy to consume.

Control Pagination

There are several ways to keep a paragraph’s lines together around a page break.

  1. Click in or select the paragraph you want to control.
  2. Check the Paragraph Settings dialog box launcher on the Home tab.
    Control Pagination
  3. Check the Line and Page Breaks tab.
  4. The Pagination group on this tab has a few ways for you to control how a paragraph splits around a page break.

    • Widow/Orphan control: This prevents widow and orphan lines by automatically moving a second line around the page break. A widow line is where the last line of a paragraph appears by itself, at the start of a new page. An orphan line is the opposite, where the first line of a paragraph appears by itself at the end of a page.
    • Keep with next: This option causes the selected paragraph to follow the next paragraph onto the next page, if necessary. Heading lines will automatically have this option checked.
    • Keep lines together: This option will prevent the paragraph from being split at all. If there isn’t enough room on the page for the whole paragraph, it will move to the next page.
    • Page break before: This option automatically inserts a page break before the paragraph.
  5. Check the check boxes for the options you want.
  6. Check OK.
    Control Pagination

The options you’ve selected for the paragraph are applied.

Control Hyphenation

You can also control how text breaks at the end of a line by adjusting hyphenation. Hyphenating will break long words across lines in order to smooth out the side margins of a document.

  1. Click the Layout tab on the ribbon.
  2. Click the Hyphenation button.
  3. Automatic hyphenation lets Word choose how to hyphenate words, while Manual will open a dialog box and work through the document to let you choose how to split each word.

  4. Select a hyphenation option.
    Control Hyphenation

The hyphenation option is applied to the document.