What's New

The Start Menu
How to Customize the Start Menu in Windows 10

Notifications Pane and Action Center
How to Use the Notifications Pane and Action Center in Windows 10

How to Use Cortana in Windows 10

How to Use Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Use Multiple Desktops
How to Use Multiple Desktops in Windows

Tablet Mode
How to Use Tablet Mode in Windows 10

The Settings App
How to Use the Settings App in Windows 10

Quick Access
How to Pin to Quick Access in File Explorer

Quick Assist
How to Troubleshoot with Quick Assist in Windows 10

Windows Ink
How to Use Windows Ink in Windows 10

Windows Hello
How to Sign In with Windows Hello

The Fundamentals

Starting Windows
How to Start Windows 10

Open Apps
How to Open Apps in Windows

Program Windows
How to Maximize and Minimize Program Windows in Windows 10

Connect to a Network
How to Connect to a Network in Windows

Install Apps from the Windows Store
How to Install Apps from the Windows Store in Windows

Shut Down your Computer
How to Shut Down Your Computer in Windows 10

Work with Apps

Command Controls
How to Use Command Controls in Windows 10

Resize and Move Windows
How to Resize and Move Windows in Windows

Switch Between Windows
How to Switch Between Windows in Windows

Update Apps
How to Update Apps in Windows

Uninstall Apps
How to Uninstall Apps in Windows

Folders and Files

File Explorer
How to Use File Explorer in Windows 10

Organize Folders and Files
How to Organize Folders and Files in Windows

How to Use Libraries in Windows 10

Find Files
How to Find Files in Windows

OneDrive Files
How to Access OneDrive Files in Windows 10

File Explorer Views
How to Change File Explorer Views in Windows 10

Compressed Folders
How to Compress and Extract Folders in Windows 10

Desktop Icons and Shortcuts
How to Sort Desktop Icons and Create Shortcuts in Windows 10

Recycle Bin
How to Restore from Recycle Bin in Windows 10

Personalize Windows

Backgrounds and Colors
How to Change Backgrounds and Colors in Windows 10

Customize the Taskbar
How to Customize the Taskbar in Windows

Move and Resize the Taskbar
How to Move and Resize the Taskbar in Windows

Personalize the Lock Screen
How to Personalize the Lock Screen in Windows

User Accounts
How to Manage User Accounts in Windows 10

Maintain your Computer

Add and Remove Devices
How to Add and Remove Devices in Windows 10

Windows Update
How to Check for and Schedule Windows 10 Updates

Task Manager
How to Open Task Manager in Windows 10

Improve Battery Life
How to Improve Battery Life in Windows

Back Up Data
How to Back Up Data in Windows

System Restore
How to Prompt System Restore in Windows 10

Make Windows Secure
How to Make Windows secure

Privacy Settings
How to Change Privacy Settings in Windows 10