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Connect to a Network in Windows 10

How to Connect to a Network in Windows

Connect to a Network in Windows 10

When you're within range of a wireless network, you can connect your computer to the internet using Wi-Fi. Your wireless network status always appears on the taskbar. If a wireless network is available, an asterisk appears above the wireless icon. Windows will also notify you if a wireless network is near your location.

Connect to a Network

  1. Click the Network icon.

    The Network icon is also known as the Wi-Fi icon.

  2. Choose a wireless network within range of your computer.
    Connect to a Network.

    Other networks appear in the list, which is helpful if you need to change networks.

  3. Select Connect automatically to always connect to the network whenever your computer is in range.

    This is helpful if you intend to access the network often.

  4. Click Connect.
    Connect to a Network.
  5. Type the network's password, and then click Next.
    Connect to a Network.

Windows connects your computer to the network.