Outlook Fundamentals

Navigate Outlook
How to Navigate Outlook

How to Search in Outlook

Delete and Restore Items
How to Delete and Restore Items in Outlook

Use the View Tab
How to Use the View Tab in Outlook

The Quick Access Toolbar
How to Use The Quick Access Toolbar in Outlook

How to Print in Outlook

How to Get Help in Outlook


Compose Email
How to Compose Email in Outlook

Retrieve and Read Email
How to Retrieve and Read Email in Outlook

Reply and Forward
How to Reply and Forward in Outlook

Format Email
How to Format Email in Outlook

Work with Attachments
How to Work with Attachments in Outlook

Work with Pictures
How to Work with Pictures in Outlook

Work with Hyperlinks
How to Work with Hyperlinks in Outlook

Check Spelling and Grammar
How to Check Spelling and Grammar in Outlook

Drafts and Sent Items
How to View Drafts and Sent Items in Outlook

Deal with Junk Email
How to Deal with Junk Email in Outlook

How to Use Conversations in Outlook

Sort Email
How to Sort Email in Outlook

How to Create Signatures in Outlook

Send Automatic Replies
How to Send Automatic Replies in Outlook

Email Options
How to Modify Email Options in Outlook


Add Contacts
How to Add Contacts in Outlook

Import Contacts
How to Import Contacts in Outlook

Use the Address Book
How to Use the Address Book in Outlook

View and Search Contacts
How to View and Search Contacts in Outlook

Edit and Delete Contacts
How to Edit and Delete Contacts in Outlook

Tag Contacts
How to Tag Contacts in Outlook

Sort Contacts
How to Sort Contacts in Outlook

Share Contacts
How to Share Contacts in Outlook

Create Contact Groups
How to Create Contact Groups in Outlook

Modify Contact Groups
How to Modify Contact Groups in Outlook

Delete Contact Groups
How to Delete Contact Groups in Outlook


View your Calendar
How to View your Calendar in Outlook

Create Appointments
How to Create Appointments in Outlook

Edit Appointments
How to Edit Appointments in Outlook

Appointment Options
How to Modify Appointment Options in Outlook

Schedule Meetings
How to Schedule Meetings in Outlook

Edit and Track Meetings
How to Edit and Track Meetings in Outlook

Recurring Appointments
How to Create Recurring Appointments in Outlook

Respond to Invitations
How to Respond to Invitations in Outlook

Tasks and Notes

Follow Up with Emails
How to Follow Up with Emails in Outlook

Create and Complete Tasks
How to Create and Complete Tasks in Outlook

View Tasks
How to View Tasks in Outlook

Recurring Tasks
How to Create Recurring Tasks in Outlook

Assign Tasks
How to Assign Tasks in Outlook

Create and Organize Notes
How to Create and Organize Notes in Outlook

Advanced Mail

Quick Steps
How to Create Quick Steps in Outlook

Quick Parts
How Create to Quick Parts in Outlook

Redirect Replies
How to Redirect Replies in Outlook

Recall Messages
How to Recall Messages in Outlook

Create a Rule
How to Create a Rule in Outlook

Manage Rules
How to Manage Rules in Outlook

Advanced Find
How to Use Advanced Find in Outlook

Save Messages in Alternate Formats
How to Save Messages in Alternate Formats in Outlook

Customize Response Formatting
How to Customize Response Formatting in Outlook

Share Your Email
How to Share Your Email in Outlook

Themes and Stationery
How to Use Themes and Stationery in Outlook

Email Settings
How to Configure Email Settings in Outlook

Add Additional Accounts
How to Add Additional Accounts in Outlook

Manage Additional Accounts
How to Manage Additional Accounts in Outlook

Track and Vote
How to Track and Vote in Outlook

Advanced Calendar

Schedule Meeting Rooms
How to Schedule Meeting Rooms in Outlook

Forward Calendar Items
How to Forward Calendar Items in Outlook

Share your Calendar
How to Share your Calendar in Outlook

Send your Calendar
How to Send your Calendar in Outlook

Work with Multiple Calendars
How to Work with Multiple Calendars in Outlook

Calendar Settings
How to Configure Calendar Settings in Outlook

Manage Information

Use Categories
How to Use Categories in Outlook

How to Use Folders in Outlook

Search Folders
How to Use Search Folders in Outlook

View Old Mail
How to View Old Mail in Outlook

Clean Up Messages
How to Clean Up Messages in Outlook

Archive Information
How to Archive Information in Outlook

Export Information
How to Export Information in Outlook

Import Information
How to Import Information in Outlook