Edit and Delete Contacts

If you find out about some new or updated information for one of your contacts, you can edit their contact information. You can also delete contacts that you no longer need to reach.

Edit a Contact

You can always edit a contact’s information from the People Pane.

  1. Select a contact.

    You can also just double-click the contact to start editing it.

  2. Click in the View more options (•••) button.
  3. Select Edit Outlook Contact.
    Edit and Delete Contacts
  4. Add or update information in the fields.
  5. Click the Save & Close button.
    Edit and Delete Contacts

Now the updated information appears on the contact’s card.

Delete a Contact

If you no longer need to store a contact, it is simple to delete it.

  1. Select a contact.
  2. Click the Delete button on the Home tab.
    Edit and Delete Contacts

The contact is removed from the list.

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