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Create and Organize Notes

How to Create and Organize Notes in Outlook

Create and Organize Notes

Outlook’s Notes feature can help you keep track of short bits of information that you need to keep handy, such as a shipping address or directions to a meeting.

View Notes

Notes view is accessed from the Navigation Bar, but by default, it is hidden in a menu instead of shown alongside Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks.

  1. Click the More (…) button in the Navigation Bar.

    This menu shows additional Navigation Bar options, including Notes view.

  2. Select Notes.

    Notes view displays all the notes you’ve created.

  3. Double-click a note to open it.
    Create and Organize Notes

The note opens in a sticky note styled pop-up window.

Create a New Note

You can quickly create a new note to jot down anything you need to save.

  1. While in Notes view, click the New Note button on the Home tab.
  2. Start typing in the note pop-up.

    The first line of a note will be the name that appears as the note’s Subject.

  3. Click outside the note to save it.
    Create and Organize Notes

Notes are automatically saved as you type, so it’s easy to quickly enter some information and move on.

Categorize a Note

You can assign categories to notes to help keep track of them and associate them with mail messages, contacts, and calendar events of the same category.

  1. Select a note you want to categorize.
  2. Click the Categorize button on the Home tab.
  3. Select a category.
    Create and Organize Notes

The selected category is applied to the note.

Change the Note View

There are three views you can use to view your notes.

  1. Expand the Current View gallery, if necessary.
    Create and Organize Notes
  2. Select a view option.
    • Icon view displays your notes as icons
    • Notes List displays notes in a list, with columns that show additional information.
    • Last 7 Days displays a list of only the notes created within the past 7 days.
    Create and Organize Notes

The selected view is applied.