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View your Calendar

How to View your Calendar in Outlook

View your Calendar

Long gone are the days of wall calendars and personal planners; nowadays, Outlook keeps track of your calendar for you.

Select a Calendar View

  1. Click the Calendar button on the Navigation Bar.

    Outlook displays your calendar. When you switch to Calendar view, the commands on the ribbon will change as well.

  2. Select a view from the Arrange group on the Home tab (or press the view’s shortcut keys).
    • Day: This view shows a single day’s events.
      (Ctrl + Alt + 1)
    • Work Week: This view shows the events for an entire work week.
      (Ctrl + Alt + 2)
    • Week: This view shows an entire week’s events, weekend included.
      (Ctrl + Alt + 3)
    • Month: This view shows the entire month at once, although individual events display fewer detail than other views.
      (Ctrl + Alt + 4)
    • Schedule: This view shows you multiple calendars at once in a way that makes it easy to see what times are free and what times have conflicts.
      (Ctrl + Alt + 5)
      View your Calendar

Navigate Your Calendar

Once you’re viewing the calendar the way you want, you can move through days, weeks, or months.

  1. Click the Forward or Backward arrows on the calendar.

    The calendar displays the next day, week, or month (depending on the view).

    If you’re viewing a time where you have no events, Next Appointment and Previous Appointment buttons will appear on the right and left sides of the calendar.

  2. Click Next Appointment or Previous Appointment.

    Outlook jumps to the next event.

    You can use the mini calendar on the left to jump to a specific date or week (depending on the view).

  3. Click a date in the mini-calendar.

    View your Calendar

    That date is displayed.

    No matter where you are in your calendar, you can always return to the current date.

  4. Expand the Go To group, if necessary.
  5. Click the Today button.

    The calendar returns to the current date. You can also view the next seven days in your calendar for a snapshot of what’s ahead.

  6. Click the Next 7 Days button.
    View your Calendar

The next seven days are displayed.