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Send your Calendar

How to Send your Calendar in Outlook

Send your Calendar

You can’t set Outlook to continuously share your calendar with people outside of your Exchange network; however, you can email people outside of your network a summary of your schedule.

Send Your Calendar in an Email

  1. Click the E-mail Calendar button on the Home tab.
    Send your Calendar

    A new message window opens, along with the Send a Calendar via E-mail dialog box.

  2. Select the calendar and specify the information to include.

    If you have multiple calendars, click the Calendar list arrow and select the one you want to share.

    Click the Date Range list arrow and select how much of the calendar to send.

    To view more options and change the format of the email, click Show >>.

  3. Click OK.
    Send your Calendar

    A summary of your schedule is inserted into your email.

  4. Add a recipient.
  5. Click Send.
  6. Send your Calendar

Outlooks sends a summary of your calendar to the selected contact.