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Respond to Invitations

How to Respond to Invitations in Outlook

Respond to Invitations

Staying on top of your own invitations is another way your Calendar works to make life easier. There are a few different ways to respond to invitations in Outlook, ensuring your response will be received in a timely and professional manner.

Respond from an Email

Whenever someone sends you a meeting request, you receive an email that has a special meeting request icon.

  1. Select a meeting request in your inbox.

    Once the meeting is selected, you will see response buttons appear in the Reading Pane.

  2. Click Accept, Tentative, or Decline.
    • Accept: Accept the meeting request.
    • Tentative: Inform the meeting coordinator that you might be able to attend the meeting but can’t yet confirm.
    • Decline: Decline the meeting request.

    Respond to Invitations

    For each response, you have the option to attach a personal message to your RSVP, or simply respond to the meeting invite without sending any comments to the meeting organizer.

  3. Select an RSVP option.
    Respond to Invitations

Depending on how you respond, a reply is sent, and the event will appear on your calendar.

Respond from the Calendar

You can also respond to a meeting request directly from the calendar.

  1. While viewing the calendar, select the meeting you need to respond to.

    Any appointments you’ve been invited to but haven’t yet responded to will appear in your calendar, but in a washed-out color.

  2. Click the Accept button, Tentative button, or Decline button on the Meeting Series tab.

    Respond to Invitations

    You also have a choice of how you’d like to RSVP to the invitation.

  3. Select a response method.
    Respond to Invitations

Depending on the option you chose, a message is sent to the meeting organizer and the meeting remains in your calendar, no longer in a washed-out color.