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Email Settings

How to Configure Email Settings in Outlook

Email Settings

Outlook's Mail Options screen is where you'll find a variety of mail settings that don't have a place anywhere else. If some mail behavior isn’t quite working for you, changing settings here may help.

Configure Email Settings

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Email Settings
  3. Click Options.
  4. Email Settings
  5. Click the Mail category in the left pane.

    The Mail settings in the Outlook Options window are separated into a few categories, described in the table at the of the page.

  6. Configure mail settings.
  7. When you’re done, click OK.
  8. Email Settings

The Outlook Options dialog box closes, and you're returned to the Inbox.

Calendar Settings
Compose Messages This group contains options that affect how you write messages, including formatting, spell check, signatures, and themes.
Outlook Panes This group lets you customize the settings for the Reading pane.
Message Arrival This category lets you customize how you’re alerted to new messages, such as a sound, alert window, or taskbar icon.
Conversation Clean Up These settings control what types of messages will get deleted during mailbox cleanup and which won’t.
Replies and Forwards This group customizes how replies and forwards are formatted, including whether they quote the original message.
Save Messages These options control how draft messages are saved, including whether drafts are automatically saved and which folder they’re saved to.
Send Messages This group contains options that affect how messages are sent, including name checking and contact auto-complete.
MailTips These settings let you customize the settings for the MailTips feature. MailTips alerts you to potentially embarrassing mistakes while composing an email, such as clicking Reply All to a large recipient list.
Tracking These options let you choose whether to request delivery and read receipts, whether to automatically send read receipts, and other tracking options for meetings and polls.
Message Format This group contains advanced options for HTML and plain text formatted messages.
Other This group contains a few options that don’t fit elsewhere, such as paste options.