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Manage Additional Accounts

How to Manage Additional Accounts in Outlook

Manage Additional Accounts

Once you’ve added an additional account to Outlook, you’ll view and manage email a little differently.

View Emails by Inbox

Multiple accounts will all appear in the Folder Pane, above a list of folders in that account.

  1. Select the inbox listed under an account.
    Manage Additional Accounts

Outlook displays the messages in that account’s inbox. You can view the other folders in an account the same way.

Specify Where Email is Sent From

When you create a new email, whichever account you’re viewing is the account the email is sent from. You can instead specify another account while composing an email.

  1. Click the New Email button.
    Manage Additional Accounts
  2. If you have multiple accounts set up, the From button will appear.

  3. Click the From button.

    A menu appears, listing all of the email addresses set up in Outlook.

  4. Select the account the email should sent from.
    Manage Additional Accounts

The From field changes to indicate that the email will be sent from the selected account.

Change the Default Account

If you’re outside Mail view (in People view or in a web browser, for example) and you generate a new email, it will by default be sent from the first account you set up in Outlook. You can set another account as the default if you’d rather change it.

  1. Click the File tab.
    Manage Additional Accounts
  2. Click the Account Settings button.
  3. Select Account Settings.
    Manage Additional Accounts

    The Account Settings dialog box appears, listing the accounts currently set up. A check mark will appear next to the default account.

  4. Select the account you want to make the default.
  5. Click the Set as Default button.

    The check mark moves over to the new default account.

  6. Click Close.
    Manage Additional Accounts

Now, any emails generated outside of Mail view will be sent from the selected account.

Use Multiple Accounts in the Calendar

You’ll also see a change to the calendar when you add another account.

  1. In the Calendar view, check or uncheck a calendar in the Folder Pane to toggle it.

    Multiple calendars will appear side-by-side, but you can view them in an overlay as well.

  2. Click the Overlay Mode button.
    Manage Additional Accounts

The selected calendar is overlaid on the other calendar, showing events from both. You can toggle the overlay off by clicking the Overlay Mode button again.

Use Multiple Accounts with your Contacts

Finally, here’s how to use multiple accounts with your contacts.

  1. In the People view, in the Folder Pane, click the account with the contacts you want to view.
    Manage Additional Accounts

The contacts saved to that account are displayed.