Modify Contact Groups

How to Modify Contact Groups in Outlook

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Modify Contact Groups

If something has changed with a contact group, you can make modifications to it.

Add Contacts to an Existing Contact Group

You can always add contacts to an existing contact group.

  1. Double-click a contact group to open it.
    Modify Contact Groups
  2. Click the Add Members button on the Contact Group tab.
  3. Select an option for adding the contact.

    You can add an existing Outlook contact, someone from your organization's Address Book, or add a new contact.

  4. Fill in the necessary fields.
  5. Click OK.
    Modify Contact Groups

The contact is now added to the group.

Add Notes to a Contact Group

You can add notes to the contact group to keep track of information.

  1. Click the Notes button on the Contact Group tab.
  2. Type a note about the contact group.
  3. Click Save & Close.
    Modify Contact Groups

The changes to the contact group are saved.