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Edit Appointments

How to Edit Appointments in Outlook

Edit Appointments

If you realize after the fact that some information entered about an appointment is wrong or has changed, you can always edit it.

Edit an Appointment

To edit an appointment or event, open it in its own window.

  1. Double-click an Appointment.

    The appointment’s window opens, with the same detail fields that you have when creating a new one.

    Edit Appointments

  2. Edit the appointment details.
  3. Click Save & Close.
    Edit Appointments

The appointment is updated.

Reschedule an Appointment

In addition to opening an appointment and changing the date and time there, you can also quickly reschedule an appointment from the calendar window.

  1. Click and drag the appointment to a new day or time.
    Edit Appointments

The appointment is rescheduled.

While viewing the calendar in month view, you can only drag an appointment to a new day, which will keep it at the same time. Clicking and dragging an appointment in the week view will let you change the day and the time together.

Delete an Appointment

If an appointment or event has been canceled indefinitely, you can easily delete it.

  1. Select the appointment.
  2. Click the Delete button on the Appointment tab.
    Edit Appointments

The appointment is deleted.