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Schedule Meetings

How to Schedule Meetings in Outlook

Schedule Meetings

Organizing meetings can be difficult when dealing with many different schedules. Using Outlook, you can check invitee schedules before picking a meeting time. That way, you can make the meeting during a time that will work for everyone. You can also track responses to your meeting request to ensure that your most important invitees will be in attendance.

Create a New Meeting

  1. While in Calendar view, click the New Meeting button on the Home tab.

    You can create a meeting from other views by clicking the New Items button on the Home tab and selecting Meeting.

    Schedule Meetings

    A new Meeting window opens, where you can begin inviting attendees.

  2. Click To…
  3. Select a contact from the Address Book.

    Next, choose whether the selected recipient is required to attend the meeting, or if their attendance is optional.

  4. Click Required or Optional.

    Continue to select recipients and assign them as required or optional until you have everyone you need.

  5. Click OK.
    Schedule Meetings
  6. Enter a subject, location, and notes.
  7. Enter a date and time manually, or click the Scheduling Assistant button on the Meeting tab.

    Schedule Meetings

    The Scheduling Assistant displays the availability for everyone invited to the meeting.

  8. If using the Scheduling Assistant, review the attendees’ availability and select a time without conflicts.
  9. Click Send.
    Schedule Meetings

The meeting is created and email invites are sent to the attendees.

Create a Meeting from an Email

You can also create a meeting from an email, which will automatically include everyone involved in the email conversation.

  1. While viewing your inbox in Mail view, select an email.
  2. Click the Reply with Meeting button on the Home tab.

    Everyone on the email thread is added as a meeting attendee and the subject is populated.

    Schedule Meetings

  3. Fill in the meeting location, date, and time.
  4. Click in the message field and add in meeting details.
  5. Click Send.
    Schedule Meetings

Email invitations to the meeting are sent out to the recipients.