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Add Contacts

How to Add Contacts in Outlook

Add Contacts

Having a contact list isn't any good if you don't add new contacts as you connect with more people. If you have someone's information handy, you can easily create a new contact for them.

Add a New Contact

You can add a new contact in Outlook’s People hub.

  1. Click the People button on the Navigation Bar.

    The People hub appears in Outlook, where you can add a new contact.

  2. Click the New Contact button.

    A new contact window opens.

    Add Contacts

  3. Fill in the available information fields.
  4. (Optional) Click the Picture button.
  5. (Optional) Select Add Picture.
    Add Contacts
  6. (Optional) Find the contact’s picture and select it.
  7. (Optional) Click OK.
    Add Contacts
  8. Click Save & Close.
    Add Contacts

The new contact is created.

If you create a contact with the same name as another contact, the Duplicate Contact Detected dialog box appears. Choose to either add a new record or update the existing contact’s record.

Press Ctrl + N while in the People hub to create a new contact.

Add a Contact from the Address Book

If you get your email through your organization's Microsoft Exchange server, you can also add contacts from the global Address Book. This is like looking someone up in a company directory.

  1. Click the Address Book button.

    The Address Book window opens, showing a list of everyone on the organization's email list.

  2. Double-click a contact.
  3. Click the Add to Contacts button.

    A new contact window appears, with some fields already filled in with data from the server.

    Add Contacts

  4. Add any extra information, then click Save & Close.
    Add Contacts

A copy of the contact is saved to your personal contacts.

Add a Contact from an Email

You can also create a new contact from within an email.

  1. Right-click an email sender's name.
  2. Select Add to Outlook Contacts.

    A contact preview window appears.

    Add Contacts

  3. Fill in any additional information, and then click Save & Close.
    Add Contacts

The info is saved and shows up in your contact list.