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Edit and Track Meetings

How to Edit and Track Meetings in Outlook

Edit and Track Meetings

After you’ve sent out a meeting request, you’ll want to keep track of who’s planning to attend.

Track Responses

You can view meeting responses once they come in by using the Tracking feature.

  1. Select a meeting in the calendar.

    When you select a meeting in the calendar, the ribbon automatically switches to the Meeting tab.

  2. Click the Tracking button on the Meeting tab.

    The meeting window opens in Tracking view, showing the responses that have come in so far.

    Edit and Track Meetings

  3. Review the responses.

    You can see who has responded, and what their responses are.

  4. When you’re finished, click the meeting’s Close button.
    Edit and Track Meetings

The meeting window closes.

Edit a Meeting Time

You can edit a meeting that you've scheduled just like any other appointment—however, when you’re done, you need to send an update to the invitees.

  1. Double-click a meeting you created in the calendar to open it.

    The meeting window opens in Appointment view. You can make changes in this view or click the Scheduling Assistant button on the Meeting tab to make changes from there.

  2. Make the necessary changes in either Appointment view or Scheduling Assistant view.
  3. Click Send.
    Edit and Track Meetings

A meeting update is sent out to everyone involved in the meeting with the new date or time.