Send Automatic Replies

If you’re going to be out of the office, it’s nice to let people who email you know that you are away with Automatic Replies. By doing this, you can prepare them to expect a delayed response.

Send Automatic Replies

Automatic Replies are also known as the Out of Office Assistant.

  1. Click File.
    Send Automatic Replies
  2. Click the Automatic Replies button on the Info tab.
    Send Automatic Replies
  3. Click the Send automatic replies option.
  4. Enter your message and set the parameters.

    You can set separate messages for people inside and outside of your organization, and also set a specific start and end time for the message.

  5. Click OK.
    Send Automatic Replies

Automatic Replies will only work if you’re connected to Microsoft Exchange.

Now when someone sends you an email, they’ll automatically get a message explaining that you’re away.

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