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Quick Access in File Explorer

How to Pin to Quick Access in File Explorer

Quick Access in File Explorer

Windows 10 added a new feature to the File Explorer called Quick Access, which displays your frequently used folders and recently accessed files. Quick Access replaces the favorite folders list in older versions of Windows.

Pin a Folder

If you're working on a project, it can be helpful to pin project-related folders to Quick Access.

  1. Click the File Explorer icon.

    You can easily pin folders to the Quick Access pane to the left.

  2. Find and select the folder you want to add to Quick Access.
  3. Click the Home tab.
  4. Click the Pin to Quick Access button.
    Quick access.

The folder appears in the Quick Access group, with an icon indicating that it has been pinned.

Remove a Pinned Folder

Follow these steps to remove a pinned folder from Quick Access.

  1. Right-click a folder in the Quick Access group.
  2. Choose Unpin from Quick Access.
    Quick access.