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Windows 10

Quick Assist in Windows 10

How to Troubleshoot with Quick Assist in Windows 10

Quick Assist in Windows 10

Microsoft has made it easier for you to help another user and get help from another user. Quick Assist is an app that allows two users to share a computer via a remote connection so one user can troubleshoot issues on another user's computer. Quick Assist gives new meaning to the traditional help desk scenario.

Quick Assist

  1. Type Quick Assist in the Search field.
  2. Click the app to open it.
    Quick assist.
  3. Click an option.
    • Get assistance: Allow another user to help you and take control of your computer. Type the security code, and then click Submit. Remember, you are giving the other user total control over your computer.
    • Give assistance: Sign in to your Microsoft account (if prompted) and provide another user with a security code. The security code is valid for 10 minutes.
    Quick assist.