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Starting Windows

How to Start Windows 10

Starting Windows

When your computer starts, the Lock Screen appears. Three options appear prior to log in, in addition to the date, time, network connection, and battery life.

    These options include:
  • Connect to internet
  • Ease of access
  • Shut down

Start Windows

The Lock Screen is where you'll begin, and where you'll log in to Windows.

  1. Click anywhere on the Lock Screen.
    Starting Windows

    The last account to use the computer appears.

  2. Click the appropriate buttons to perform the following actions without logging in to your computer.

    These buttons include:

    • Select a network.
    • Adjust accessibility settings.
    • Shut down your computer.
    Starting Windows
  3. If your account appears, type your password in the Password field, and then click the Submit button, or press Enter.
    Starting Windows

    If your account isn't displayed, select your account from the list that appears, and then type your password.

Your desktop appears.