How to Rotate and Flip a Picture in Word

Word allows you to flip an object horizontally or vertically, creating a mirror-image version. You can also easily rotate objects in 90-degree increments or specify an exact angle to rotate.

Flip or Rotate an Object

  1. Select the object.

    Depending on the type of object you’ve selected, a special ribbon tools group will appear on the ribbon.

  2. Click the Format tab in the new ribbon group.
  3. Expand the Arrange group, if necessary.
    Flip or Rotate an Object
  4. Click the Rotate button.

    The Rotate menu contains options to rotate an object 90 degrees left or right, or flip the object vertically or horizontally.

  5. Select a rotation or flip option.
    Flip or Rotate an Object

The selected object rotates or flips.

You can also click More Rotation Options to open the Layout dialog box, where you can specify a precise rotation angle.

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