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How to Merge Cells in Word

How to Merge and Split Cells in Word

How to Merge Cells in Word

Even though a table starts out as a strict grid of cells, you can change a table’s layout by merging multiple cells together, as well as splitting a cell into multiple cells.

Merge Cells

You can combine several smaller cells into a single, larger cell that spans the space previously occupied by the individual cells.

  1. Select multiple cells that share a border.
  2. Click the Layout tab in the Table Tools ribbon group.
  3. Click the Merge Cells button.
    Merge Cells

The selected cells are merged into a single cell that takes up the entire width and height of the original cells.

You can also right-click the selected cells and select Merge Cells from the menu.

Split Cells

Cells can also be broken up into several smaller cells by using the Split Cells command.

  1. Select a cell.
  2. Click the Split Cells button in the Layout tab.
  3. You can also right-click a cell and select Split Cells from the menu.

  4. Enter the number of rows and columns you want the cell split into.
  5. Click OK when you're done.
    Split Cells

The selected cell is split into the set number of columns and rows.

Split Tables

You can also split an entire table in two, letting you move part of it somewhere else. You can move the new part to another page, another document, or just add text or images in the space between the split table.

  1. Place the text cursor in the row that you want the second table to start with.
  2. Splitting a table will split it right above the selected line.

  3. Click the Split Table button.
    Split a Table

The table is split.