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How to Align Text in Word

How to Adjust Paragraph Alignment in Word

How to Align Text in Word

The text in your paragraphs is aligned to the left margin by default, but you can easily align it to the right margin, center it between the margins, or justify it to spread evenly between the margins on a page.

Align a Paragraph

  1. Click anywhere in a paragraph you want to align, or select multiple paragraphs.
  2. Click an alignment option in the Paragraph group.


    • To align left, press Ctrl + L.
    • To align right, press Ctrl + R.
    • To align center, press Ctrl + C.
    • To justify, Ctrl + J.
    • Align a Paragraph


Left Aligned

Paragraph Alignment

Right Aligned

Paragraph Alignment

Center Aligned

Paragraph Alignment


Paragraph Alignment

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