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How to Make Columns in Word

How to Format Columns in Word

How to Make Columns in Word

If you have a document that is pretty text-heavy, like a newsletter or magazine, you can format it in columns to make it a little easier to read. When using columns, you can also control where a new column begins using column breaks.

Format Columns

  1. Click the Layout tab.
  2. Click the Columns button.
  3. A short list of a few column options appears. You can select one, two, or three columns, or a special two-column layout with either the left or right column narrower than the other.

  4. Select a column option.
  5. Format Columns

The column layout is applied.

Select More Columns to manually configure your column layout from the Columns dialog box.

Use a Column Break

Inserting a column break ends the current column, moving the text cursor and any text after it to the top of the next column.

  1. Click where you want to insert the column break.
  2. Click the Breaks button on the Layout tab.
  3. Select Column.
  4. Use a Column Break

The column break is inserted, and the cursor moves to the beginning of the next column.

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