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How to Add Lines Numbers in Word

How to Add and Customize Line Numbers in Word

How to Add Lines Numbers in Word

Adding line numbers to documents is the easiest way to guide users through complex, lengthy documents. For example, instead of pointing out that some relevant information is near the middle of the third paragraph, you can instead refer to the specific line, making it easier to find. Line numbers are especially useful for referendums and legal documents.

Add Line Numbers

When you add line numbers in Word, the numbers are displayed in the left margin of the document. If there are columns in the document, the numbers appear to the left of each column.

  1. Click the Layout tab on the ribbon.
  2. Click the Line Numbers button.

    A menu appears with a few options for adding line numbers.

    • None: Removes line numbering in the document.
    • Continuous: Adds continuous line numbering throughout the document.
    • Restart Each Page: Restarts numbering at the beginning of every page.
    • Restart Each Section: Restarts numbering at the beginning of every section.
    • Suppress for Current Section: Removes line numbering for the current section.
  3. Select a line numbering option.
    Line Numbers

Line numbers are added to the document.

Customize Line Numbers

Once you’ve added line numbers to your document, you can adjust how they behave and appear.

  1. On the Layout tab, click the Line Numbers button.
  2. Select Line Numbering Options.

    The Page Setup dialog box opens.

    Line Numbers

  3. Click the Line Numbers button.

    An additional dialog box opens, with line numbering options. You can toggle line numbering entirely here, or customize a few line numbering options.

    • Start at: You can choose to start line numbering at any number.
    • From text: This field controls how far from the text the line numbers will appear.
    • Count by: Instead of line numbers appearing on every line, you can set an interval so that line numbers are only displayed every few lines.
  4. Change the options to customize your line numbers and click OK.
  5. Click OK to close the Page Setup dialog box.
    Line Numbers

The line number options are updated to the settings you chose.