Word Bookmarks

A bookmark in Word is just like a bookmark that you would use to mark your place in a novel. You use bookmarks to mark a location in a document so that you can quickly find and jump back to it.

Add a Bookmark

  1. Select the text you want to bookmark.
  2. You can select text, select a picture, or simply place the cursor at a specific location.

  3. Check the Insert tab.
  4. Expand the Links group, if necessary.
  5. Click the Bookmark button.
    Add a Bookmark
  6. The Bookmark dialog box opens.

  7. Type the name of the bookmark.
  8. Click Add.
    Add a Bookmark

The bookmark is created and can be used to jump directly to the selected spot in the document.

Bookmark names can be from 1 to 40 characters in length, must begin with a letter, and can only contain numbers, letters, or the underscore character — no spaces.

Find a Bookmark

  1. From the Insert tab, click the Links group again, if necessary.
  2. Click the Bookmark button.
    Find a Bookmark
  3. The Bookmark dialog box, in addition to letting you create bookmarks, also displays the bookmarks you’ve already added.

  4. Select a bookmark from the list.
  5. Click the Go To button.
  6. Word jumps directly to the bookmarked location.

    If you want to delete a bookmark, you can do so from the Bookmark dialog box.

  7. Click Close when you're done.
    Find a Bookmark

Press Ctrl + G to open the Go To dialog box, which is another place you can search for and jump to bookmarks.

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