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Save from Office

How to Save Office Files to OneDrive

Save from Office

Save an Office File to OneDrive

  1. Open a file in any Office application.
  2. Click the File tab.
    Save from Office
  3. Click Save As.

    Remember, OneDrive personal is something different. If you haven't saved to OneDrive for Business from Office before, you find it in Other Web Locations.

  4. Select your OneDrive for Business location.

    Here you see all the files and folders from your OneDrive for Business account.

    If needed, you could change your file name here.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Save from Office

You see an upload notification while the file is saving, and once it's done, the file is saved in OneDrive for Business.

To co-author a file, open a file at the same time as another person. Any users in the file are listed at the top-right corner. Click a user’s name to see what they are currently editing. Any updates are saved and synced automatically.