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Share Files

How to Share Files in OneDrive

Share Files

Share a File

When you have a file or folder stored in OneDrive for Business that you need other people to have access to, share it. Sharing avoids emailing files back and forth while trying to keep track of the current version.

To quickly see the files that have been shared with you by others in your organization, click Shared in the Navigation pane and then click Shared with me. Or, click Shared by me in the same location to see all the files you have shared with others.

  1. Select a file.
  2. Click Share.

    The Share menu lets you send a link to this document that you can send to other people through email, while changing the file’s sharing settings to give them access.

  3. Enter the names of the users who need access to the document.
  4. Click the Link Settings list arrow.
    Share Files
  5. Customize the link permissions settings.

    There are four options for who you can share the file with:

    • Anyone
    • People in your organization
    • People with existing access
    • Specific people

    You can also choose whether the people you are sharing the file with can edit it by checking or unchecking the Allow editing checkbox.

  6. Click Apply.
    Share Files
  7. (Optional) Add a message.

    If you just want to copy the link, click the Copy Link button. If you’d rather compose the email in Outlook, click the Outlook button.

  8. Click Send.
    Share Files

There are other ways to quickly share content with everyone. Click Files in the Navigation pane, then click the Shared with Everyone folder. Click and drag files and folders into this folder to automatically share them with everyone in your organization.

Manage Access to Shared Files

After you've started sharing things with others, it may be tricky to remember who has access to what.

  1. Select a shared document.
  2. Click the Details button.

    The Details Pane opens, showing a bunch of information about the selected file.

    Under the Has Access header, you can see a summary of who this file has been shared with.

  3. Click Manage access.
    Share Files

Now you can see everyone who has access to the document, and whether they having editing or view only permissions.

You can also copy a link to the document or stop sharing the document. You could also click Grant Access to invite additional people to view the file.