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Sync OneDrive

How to Sync OneDrive Files to your Computer

Sync OneDrive

When you want the files saved in OneDrive for Business to be accessible from your computer without logging in with a web browser, sync the library. This requires you to install the OneDrive for Business app on your computer.

Choose Which Folders to Sync

When you install the OneDrive for Business app, you will automatically sync your entire OneDrive for Business library to your computer. You can instead select certain folders to sync while leaving other folders unsynced.

  1. Click the Sync button.
  2. Click Yes.
    Sync With your Computer

    The OneDrive for Business app opens and shows all the folders and files that are ready to sync.

    Anything which is being synced will be checked, which by default is everything.

    It also shows where the OneDrive for Business folder is found on your computer and how much storage space is available.

  3. Select the folders to sync.
  4. Click Start sync.
    Sync With your Computer

The folder sync settings are updated.

If you’ve synced your OneDrive for Business with your PC, you can easily access files while not online. Double-click the OneDrive for Business icon in the system tray to view and open the files. Once an internet connection is restored, the files will sync to the online location.

Show the OneDrive for Business Folder

If the location of your OneDrive for Business folder on your computer is tough to remember, or if you just want to get to it quickly, you can jump right there using the OneDrive for Business app.

  1. Click the OneDrive for Business icon in the system tray.

    A small window opens, showing recently added and modified files.

    Click the More button to access OneDrive settings, pause syncing, or manage your storage.

  2. Click Open folder.
    Sync With your Computer

OneDrive for Business opens in File Explorer. All the files from folders you have synced appear here.

The green check mark means the file is synced and exactly the same as in OneDrive for Business.

Disconnect OneDrive Sync

You can stop sync in your OneDrive settings.

  1. Click the OneDrive for Business icon in the system tray at the bottom of your screen.

    Your choices include: Open OneDrive, view OneDrive online, and More.

  2. Click the More button and select Settings.
    Sync With your Computer
  3. In the Account tab, click Unlink this PC, then click the Unlink Account button.
  4. Click OK, when finished.
    Sync With your Computer

The folder will permanently stop syncing. Locally available files will remain on your computer while online only files will be removed.