Sign In and Out

Signing in to the Zoom app will let you join or host a meeting, chat with others, and review your upcoming meetings.

Sign In to Zoom

  1. Download and install the Start Zoom app from the Zoom website,
  2. Open the Start Zoom app.
    Sign In and Out
  3. Click Sign In.
    Sign In and Out

    If you don't have an account yet, click the Sign Up Free link. Once you have an account, enter your email address in the email field.

  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Click Sign In.
    Sign In and Out

You're signed in, and the Home screen appears.

View Zoom App Tabs

The Home screen is where you can start, join, and schedule meetings. The other tabs at the top of the screen will bring you to other screens in the app.

  1. Click the Chat tab.
    Sign In and Out

    The Chat tab lets you send messages to other Zoom users.

  2. Click the Meetings tab.
    Sign In and Out

    This tab displays your personal meeting ID and lets you start a new meeting using it. It also lets you schedule a meeting for later and lets you access meeting recordings.

  3. Click the Contacts tab.
    Sign In and Out

    This tab lets you manage your Zoom contacts.

Sign Out of Zoom

When you're finished using the Zoom app, you can just close it. If you're sharing your computer with someone else that needs to use Zoom, make sure to sign out.

  1. Click your user account icon.
  2. Select Sign Out.
    Sign In and Out

You're signed out of the Zoom app, and it returns into the sign in screen.

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