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Sharing Your Screen

How to Sharing Your Screen in Zoom

Sharing Your Screen

If you need to show the people in a meeting something, you can share your screen to let everyone else see it. Meeting hosts can always share their screen, while guests may be able to share theirs as well depending on how the meeting was set up.

Share Your Screen

  1. Click the Share Screen button on the toolbar at the bottom of the meeting window.
  2. Select a screen or window to share.
  3. Click Share.
    Sharing your Screen

    A border appears around your screen, indicating that you're sharing it. The meeting controls minimize to the top of the screen.

    To reveal the meeting controls again, just move your mouse cursor up to the top.

    In addition to the normal meeting controls, you have some new options when sharing your screen:

    • Click Pause Share to pause your screen share for a moment.
    • Click Annotate to draw on part of your screen share.
  4. Click Stop Share when you're finished.
    Sharing your Screen

The screen sharing stops and your meeting video returns to the foreground.

Share a Portion of your Screen

  1. Click the Share Screen button.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Select Portion of Screen tab.
  4. Click Share.
    Share a Portion of your Screen
  5. Click and drag the green box to move the shared portion, or click and drag the edges of the box ti resize it.
  6. Use the Whiteboard

    In addition to sharing your screen, you can share a whiteboard that you, and your meeting guests, can draw on.

    1. Click the Share Screen button.
    2. Select Whiteboard.
    3. Click Share.
      Sharing your Screen

      A new whiteboard is created, and you can begin drawing on it.

    4. Click and drag your mouse cursor in the whiteboard to draw on it.
    5. Click a tool in the toolbar to select it and see its options.
      • Mouse: Stop annotating and resume using the mouse on the screen.
      • Select: Select drawings and annotations.
      • Text: Type onto the whiteboard.
      • Draw: Draw lines, arrows, and shapes.
      • Stamp: Shapes that you can repeatedly stamp onto the whiteboard.
      • Spotlight: Choose from a laser pointer cursor, or an arrow stamp with your name.
      • Eraser: Remove drawings and objects from the whiteboards.
      • Format: Adjust the color and width of drawings, as well as the size and effects of text.
      • Undo and Redo: Undo and redo drawing steps you’ve done.
      • Clear: Remove all of your drawings, all of your guests’ drawings, or everything on the whiteboard.
      • Save: Save an image of what’s been drawn so far.
      • New Page: Add a new, blank page to this whiteboard.
    6. Click Stop Share.
      Sharing your Screen

    The whiteboard closes.