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Join a Meeting

How to Join a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Join a Meeting

You’ll have several different ways to join a meeting in Teams, depending on how you were invited.

Join a Meeting from a Channel

If a meeting is being hosted in a team’s channel, you can join that meeting from within that channel’s conversation view.

  1. Click the Teams icon on the App bar.
  2. Select a team channel.
    Join a Meeting

    Even if the meeting hasn't started yet, you can still see the meeting in the channel conversation.

  3. (Optional) Click a meeting to view its details.

    Once anyone joins the meeting, a banner appears above it in the conversation. This banner shows how long it's been going on, and who's already joined.

  4. Click the Join button.
    Join a Meeting

    After you click Join, you’ll be prompted to configure your audio and video settings.

  5. Configure your video and audio settings.

    You can toggle both your camera and microphone. If you have multiple cameras or microphones, you can click the Settings icon to select which camera and microphone to use.

  6. Click Join now.
    Join a Meeting

When you join the meeting, you can see the other participants represented by either their video feed, or an icon if they're not sharing their video.

A row of controls will also appear along the bottom, where you can toggle your camera and microphone, as well as access other sharing and audio/video options.

Join a Meeting from the Schedule

Your schedule will display all of your meetings, both those in team channels and those you’ve been invited to directly. Any meetings and appointments made on your Outlook calendar will also appear. You can join a Teams meeting directly from your calendar.

  1. Click the Calendar icon on the App bar.
  2. Select a meeting.
    Join a Meeting

    That meeting’s details appear, showing its scheduled time, location, and invited participants.

  3. Click Join.
    Join a Meeting

    Next, you’ll be given a chance to configure your A/V settings, toggling your camera and microphone.

  4. Configure your video and audio settings.
  5. Click Join now.
    Join a Meeting

You join the meeting, seeing other participants represented by their video or user icon. You’ll also see a row of controls near the bottom of the window.

Leave a Meeting

When a meeting has concluded, you can leave it by hanging up.

  1. Click the Hang Up button on the meeting controls bar.
    Join a Meeting

You leave the meeting and return to the channel conversation.