Join a Meeting

Other people can invite you to a meeting by sending you a Meeting ID code and a security passcode.

Join a Meeting Using a Code

  1. Click the Join button on the Zoom home screen.
    Join a Meeting
  2. Enter the Meeting ID code into the first text field.

    Now, take a second to look at the other options before joining. You can change your display name and choose whether to disable your audio or video.

  3. Click Join.
    JOin a Meeting
  4. Enter the meeting password.
  5. Click Join Meeting.
  6. Wait for the meeting host to admit you to the meeting.

    Once you’ve been admitted, you can click the Test Speaker and Microphone button to make sure your audio setup works.

  7. Click Join with Computer Audio.
    Join a Meeting

You're in! You can now see and hear the other participants in the meeting, and they can see and hear you as well.

Meeting Tips

Preparation for a Meeting
Prepare Your Space Connect to a meeting from a quiet space with few distractions. If you’re going to be sharing your camera, check your background to make sure that there’s nothing that would distract others. If you’ll be sharing your screen, don’t have unnecessary windows or browser tabs open.
Mute Your Microphone When you’re not talking, mute your own microphone so that any unexpected noises from your end don’t disrupt the meeting.
Use Headphones When you hear an echo during a meeting, it’s because someone’s microphone is picking up the audio from their speakers and repeating it. Using headphones will prevent this feedback.
Test Your Camera and Microphone Ahead of Time You can test both your camera and microphone in the Zoom app’s Settings screen to make sure that both are working properly before joining a meeting. This prevents you from delaying a meeting by setting up your camera and microphone after it starts.
Wires Over Wireless Wired connections, for both your computer and audio devices, tend to be more reliable than wireless connections. Connect your computer via ethernet instead of Wi-Fi when possible, and use a headset that connects by USB or audio jack instead of Bluetooth.

Leave a Meeting

When the meeting's completed by the host, you'll automatically leave the meeting as well. You can also leave the meeting early whenever you need to.

  1. Click the Leave button.
    Join a Meeting
  2. Click Leave Meeting to confirm.
    Join a Meeting

You leave the meeting. If you need to, you can rejoin the meeting using the same Meeting ID and passcode you used to join it the first time.

Join a Meeting Using a Link

You may be sent an invitation to a meeting that contains a direct link. This will let you skip entering the Meeting ID and passcode yourself, getting you into the meeting faster.

  1. Click a link to a meeting.
    JOin a Meeting

    The link will first open in your browser, which will then forward the link to your Zoom app.

  2. Give the Zoom app permission to open.
    Join a Meeting
  3. Choose whether to join with or without video.
    Join a Meeting
  4. Wait for the meeting host to admit you to the meeting.
  5. Click Join with Computer Audio.
    Join a Meeting

You’re brought right into the meeting.

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