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Schedule a Meeting

How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Schedule a Meeting

By scheduling and conducting meetings right within Teams, you can easily work with remote colleagues online, or, meet with co-located colleagues without needing to find an available meeting room.

Schedule a Meeting

Meetings in Teams can be scheduled from the Calendar view.

  1. Click the Calendar icon on the App bar.

    The Calendar view displays a timeline of your work week, with any meetings that may be scheduled.

  2. Click New meeting.
    Schedule a Meeting

    The New meeting dialog box opens, where you can add meeting details, such as a title, location, start and end time, and additional details.

  3. Enter the meeting's details.
  4. Select a team channel, or select invitees individually.
  5. Click Send.
    Schedule a Meeting

The meeting is scheduled. It will appear on your calendar and, if it's a team channel meeting, in that channel's conversation as well.