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Schedule a Meeting

How to Schedule a Meeting in Zoom

Schedule a Meeting

You can schedule meetings ahead of time, letting your participants plan for it.

Schedule a Meeting

  1. Click the Schedule button on the Zoom app’s Home screen.
  2. Enter a meeting topic.
  3. Set a meeting date and time.
  4. Set a meeting duration.

    While this duration is not a hard limit, it will let invitees know how long they should plan for.

  5. Set a meeting recurrence schedule (optional)..
    Schedule a meeting

    Once the meeting's schedule has been determined, you can choose whether to use a new generated meeting ID, or to use your personal ID instead.

    A meeting password will also be automatically generated, but you can change it to a specific password as well.

  6. Set meeting ID and password.
  7. Set meeting video options.
  8. Select a calendar type.
    Schedule a meeting

    The type of calendar selected will affect the calendar event that Zoom creates for the meeting.

  9. Set final meeting options under the Advanced Options heading.

    You can choose whether to use a waiting room, whether guests can join before the host, whether everyone is automatically muted when they join, and whether to record the meeting automatically.

  10. Click Schedule.
    Schedule a meeting

A new meeting invitation is also automatically started. Just add the email addresses of everyone you want to invite, then send it out, and they'll receive a link to the Zoom meeting and a reminder when the meeting time comes

Start a Scheduled Meeting

When it's time to host a meeting, your Home screen will show it in the Upcoming Meetings section on the right.

  1. Click the Meetings tab.

    Upcoming meetings will be listed in the left pane.

  2. Click a meeting.

    The selected meeting’s details will appear on the right. You can start the meeting using the Start button, copy the invitation to send out, edit the meeting, or delete it.

  3. Click Start.
    Schedule a meeting
  4. Click Join with Computer Audio.
    Schedule a meeting

The meeting starts.

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