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Presenter View in PowerPoint

How to Use Presenter View in PowerPoint

Presenter View in PowerPoint

Presenter view allows you to run your presentation from one monitor (at a podium, for example) while your audience views it on another. Here are some advantages to running a presentation using Presenter view:

  • You can use thumbnails to select slides out of sequence and create a customized presentation for your audience.
  • Preview text shows you what your next click will add to the screen, such as a new slide or the next bullet in a list.
  • Speaker’s notes are shown in large, clear type so that you can use them as a script for your presentation.
  • You can temporarily black out the screen during a presentation and then resume where you left off. This can come in handy during breaks or question and answer periods.

Start Presenter View

  1. Click the Options button.
  2. Select Show Presenter View.
    Presenter View

The Presenter view fills the screen. The same presentation tools are available below the slide, and it also shows the current time and a thumbnail of the upcoming slide. At the bottom of the screen, use the arrows to move forward or backward in the presentation.

Command Buttons

At the top of the Presenter view, there are command buttons.

  1. Click a Command button:
    • Show Taskbar: Show or hide the Windows taskbar.
    • Display Settings: When projecting, swap which display shows the presenter view or duplicate the slide show on both screens.
    • End the Slide Show: Return to Normal view.
    Presenter View


The timer is located at the top-left corner of the current slide. It keeps track of how long Presenter view has been running.

  1. Click the Pause button to temporarily stop the timer.
  2. Click the Reset button to set the timer back to zero.
    Presenter View


The Notes pane gives you a large look at any notes added to the slide. In Presenter view, you have the flexibility to change the display size.

  1. Click the Increase or Decrease Font Size button to change the size of the notes that appear to the right of the current slide.
    Presenter View

End Presenter View

You can close Presenter view without ending the presentation entirely.

  1. Click the Options menu.
  2. Select Hide Presenter View.
    Presenter View

You return to the regular slide show view.

To close Presenter View and end the presentation, just press Esc.