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PowerPoint Slide Background

How to the Format Slide Background in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Slide Background

If you don’t like the slide background that comes with your current theme, you can easily change it.

Modify the Slide Background

  1. Click the Design tab.
  2. If necessary, expand the Customize group.
  3. Click the Format Background button.
    Slide Background

    The Format Background pane opens. From here, you can adjust the slide's existing background or create one from a picture or pattern.

  4. Make changes to the slide background.

    The available options depend on the current theme section, but you will usually have the following options:

    • Solid Fill
    • Gradient Fill
    • Picture or Texture Fill
    • Pattern Fill
    • Hide Background Graphics
  5. (Optional) Click Apply to All to use the new background on all slides in the presentation.
  6. Click Close.
    Slide Background