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Columns in PowerPoint

How to Make Columns in PowerPoint

Columns in PowerPoint

Add Multiple Columns

When you have text on a slide, PowerPoint automatically puts it in one column, but you can break it into multiple columns if that’s more fitting.

  1. Select the text box with items you wish to convert to columns.

    Even if text flows outside of a text box, it doesn't automatically break into columns.

  2. Click the Add or Remove Columns button on the Home tab.
  3. Select a column option.
    Format Lists and Colums

Numbered and Bulleted Lists

Use bulleted lists when the order of items in a list doesn’t matter, such as listing items you need to buy. When the sequence of items in a list does matter, such as to present step-by-step instructions, use a numbered list instead.

  1. Select the text box with the items you wish to convert to a list.
  2. Click the Numbering button or the Bullets button.
    Format Lists and Colums

To remove bullets and numbering from a list, select the list and click the Bullets or Numbering button in the Paragraph group.

Change the List Style

If you don’t like the bullet character or number style that has been assigned to your list by default, you can always change it.

  1. Select the items with the style you wish to change.
  2. Click the Numbering or Bullets button list arrow.
  3. Select a new style.
    Format Lists and Colums

The new bullet character or number style is applied to the selected paragraph(s).

Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Lists

Keystroke Action
Enter Inserts a new paragraph with the same formatting as the previous one.
Tab Demotes the paragraph one level.
Shift + Tab Promotes the paragraph one level.