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Navigate a Presentation

How to Navigate Directly to a Slide in PowerPoint

Navigate a Presentation

Since each presentation is a series of slides, being able to navigate between those slides is pretty important. The Thumbnails pane shows little pictures of all the slides, with the selected slide outlined in orange.

Navigate a Presentation

  1. Select a slide in the Thumbnails pane to work with it in the Slide pane. Click other thumbnails to change which slide you’re editing.
    Navigate a Presentation

Once a slide is selected, click an image, graphic, or textbox on the slide to edit it.

Navigate Using the Keyboard

You can also move around a presentation with the keyboard, using the methods described in the table below.

Navigation Keystrokes
Arrow Keys (? ? ? ?) Move up or down to another slide or section.
Ctrl + Home Jump to the first slide.
Ctrl + End Jump to the last slide.
Page Up Jump to the next slide up.
Page Down Jump to the next slide down.