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Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint

How to Use Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint

Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint

Slide Sorter view is a great way to view and organize your presentation, particularly when your presentation has many slides.

Rearrange Slides

  1. Click the Slide Sorter button on the Status bar.

    PowerPoint switches to Slide Sorter view, displaying all of the presentation's slides as thumbnails.

  2. Scroll to find the slides you want to arrange.
  3. Click and drag a slide to a new location.
    Slide Sorter View

The slide is dropped in the new location and all slides in the presentation are renumbered accordingly.

Remove Slides

  1. Select the slide(s) you want to remove.
  2. Click Cut on the Home tab.

    You can also press the Delete key on your keyboard.

    Slide Sorter View

Return to Normal View

When you’re done working in Slide Sorter view, return to Normal view to continue editing the presentation.

  1. Double-click the slide you want to edit in Normal view.
    Slide Sorter View

PowerPoint switches back to Normal view, and you can edit the selected slide.