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How to Undo and Redo in PowerPoint

How to Undo in PowerPoint

How to Undo and Redo in PowerPoint

You don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes in PowerPoint because you can use the Undo feature to erase your actions. The undo, redo, and repeat commands are very useful when working with text in a presentation.

Undo a Single Change

  1. Click the Undo button.

    Press Ctrl + Z.

    Undo and Redo

Your last action is undone. For example, if you deleted an item and decided you wanted to keep it after all, undo would make it reappear.

Undo Multiple Changes

If you've performed a series of actions that you want undone, you can undo them all at once.

  1. Click the Undo list arrow.

    A list of recently performed actions appears, with the most recent action at the top. From here, select the oldest command you want to undo. For example, to undo the last three actions, select the third action in the list.

  2. Select a change to undo everything up to that point.
    Undo and Redo

The command you selected and all subsequent actions are undone.

You can undo up to 100 actions in PowerPoint, even after saving the presentation.


Redo is the opposite of undo: it redoes an action you have undone. The Redo button appears only once you’ve used the Undo command. When Redo isn’t available, it is replaced by the Repeat button.

  1. Click the Redo button.

    Press Ctrl + Y.

    Undo and Redo

The last action you undid is redone.

Once you've redone all the actions that were undone, the button changes back to the Repeat button.


Repeat is different from redo, because repeat applies the last command again. For example, rather than applying bold formatting by clicking the Bold button repeatedly, you can repeat the bold command with the Repeat button or keystroke.

  1. Click the Repeat button.

    Press F4.

    Undo and Redo

The action is performed again.