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Use Multipe Slide Masters

How to Use Multipe Slide Masters in PowerPoint

Use Multipe Slide Masters

The slide master and its layouts are different depending on which theme you have selected. But if you like, you can use more than one theme, thereby giving you access to multiple slide masters and their layouts.

Insert a Blank Master

  1. From Slide Master view, click the Insert Slide Master button.
    Use Multiple Slide Masters

An additional slide master appears along with its slide layouts.

The slide master and layouts have placeholders but no formatting, so you’ll have to customize them yourself.

Insert a Theme Slide Master

If you want an additional slide master with more complicated layouts and formatting, add another slide master from a theme.

  1. From Slide Master view, click the Themes button.
  2. Select a theme.
    Use Multiple Slide Masters
  3. If desired, modify the theme elements using the options in the Background group.

Use the New Slide Masters

  1. Click Close Master View.
    Use Multiple Slide Masters
  2. Navigate to where you want the new slide.
  3. Click the New Slide list arrow.

    The slide layouts will be grouped into sections corresponding to the slide master. You may have to scroll to find the one you’re looking for.

  4. Select a slide layout.
  5. Use Multiple Slide Masters