Use the Eyedropper in PowerPoint

Once you’ve inserted a shape, you’ll probably want to change the style, fill color, outline, and effects applied to it.

Shape Styles

A shape style is a set of different formatting commands that can be applied to a shape in a single step.

  1. Select the shape.
  2. Click the Format tab on the ribbon.
  3. Click the More button in the Shape Styles gallery.
    Format Shapes
  4. Choose a style.

    Click the Quick Styles button in the Drawing group on the Home tab and select a style.

    Format Shapes

Format Shapes

If you don’t like any of the premade shape styles, you can edit the fill, outline, and shape effects.

  1. Select the shape.
  2. Use the tools in the Shape Styles group to modify the shape style.
    • Shape Fill: Adjust the color, picture, gradient, or texture inside the shape.
    • Shape Outline: Adjust the color and weight of the shape’s border.
    • Shape Effects: Add or remove more complicated effects like glow and bevel.
    Format Shapes

Options Available in the Color Selection Menus

Option Description
Theme Colors Lets you select a fill color from the colors in the current theme.
Standard Colors Lets you select a fill color from one of the 10 standard colors.
No Fill Removes the fill color.
More Fill Colors Lets you select a fill color from one of the thousands of colors in the Colors dialog box.
Eyedropper Grabs a color from anywhere on the screen and applies it to the current shape.
Picture Fills the shape with a graphic you have on file.
Gradient Fills the shape with a gradient that gradually changes from one color to another.
Texture Fills the shape with a texture.

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