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PowerPoint 2019 Basic

Share a PowerPoint

How to Share a PowerPoint

Share a PowerPoint

It’s easy to share a presentation with other people from within PowerPoint. For example, you can send a sharing invitation to co-workers that gives them access to view or edit the file.

Share a Presentation

  1. Save your presentation to an online location, such as your OneDrive or your organization's SharePoint site.
  2. Click the Share button.

    The Share window opens, where you can invite others to view and edit the presentation.

  3. Enter an email address.
  4. Click the Link settings button.
    Share a Presentation

    Here you can control who this link you send out will work for—anyone with the link, anyone in your organization, anyone you've already shared it with, or just the specific people you choose to send it to.

  5. Select who can view the link.
  6. Select whether to allow editing.
  7. Click Apply.
    Share a Presentation
  8. Include a message (optional).

    This message will be included in the invitation, informing the recipients that you’re sharing a presentation with them.

    If you just want to copy the link, or you'd rather compose the email in Outlook, you can do that with these buttons here.

  9. Click Send.
    Share a Presentation
  10. Click Close.
    Share a Presentation

The presentation is shared, and the recipient can view the document by clicking the link they've received.

Manage Access to a Presentation

After you've started sharing things with others, it may be tricky to remember who has access to what.

  1. Click the Share button.
  2. Click the More Options (•••) button.
  3. Select Manage Access.
    Share a Presentation

    Now, you can see who has access to this presentation, and whether they have editing or view-only permissions.

  4. Click a permissions list arrow.
  5. Select a permission level.
  6. Click Close.
    Share a Presentation

The permissions are updated.