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Excel Chart Templates

How to Create Chart Templates in Excel

Excel Chart Templates

If you find you are frequently creating the same type of charts with customized layouts and formatting, save yourself some time and create a chart template to reuse in the future.

Save a Chart as a Template

When you save a chart as a template, that chart’s properties are saved for easy future use.

  1. Right-click the chart you want to save as a template
  2. Select Save as Template.
    Chart Templates
  3. Type a file name for the template.

    When Excel is installed on your computer, it automatically creates a special folder to store the templates you create, but you can select a different folder if you’d like.

  4. Click Save.
    Chart Templates

Create a New Chart from a Template

Once you’ve saved a template, you can use that template to create a new chart.

  1. Navigate to the sheet where you want to use the chart template.
  2. Select the data you want to chart.
  3. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
  4. Click the Charts dialog box launcher.
    Chart Templates
  5. Click the All Charts tab.
  6. Select the Templates folder in the list on the left.
  7. Select a template to use.

    If you no longer need a template, click the Manage Templates button to delete it.

  8. Click OK.
    Chart Templates